This is a new section that will address some important issues that are associated with Traumatic Brain Injury and are frequently omitted in the medical work up.

We Need Physicians to Expand the Millennium-WAF TBI Network

WE are in need of another 500 physicians to be trained in protocols that we have developed over the past 12 years to address the cognitive and emotional impairment that arises from TBI and PTSD.  In May 2015, the book TBI-A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment was released to a small group of healthcare providers.  As our media exposure continues, we have received over 2700 civilians and veterans from around the USA and internationally requesting a physician to evaluate and treat them in the manner discussed on a number of programs (see Media Page).  Many of these individuals have lost HOPE and FAITH in the traditional approach to their condition. Many are on handfuls of pain and psyche medications and continue to be in pain and depressed. No wonder why there are more than 40 suicides a day in our veterans.   Consider becoming knowledgeable in the evaluation and treatment of TBI by joining our next 2-day program in May 2016, Orlando Florida. There is room for only 100 healthcare providers.                                                                                                           

Male Hormone Clinics - Not always the right solution. 

1: In recent months I have received three new patients from a "men's health" center that specializes in Testosterone replacement.  Each of these patients requested transfer because they perceived that the treatment was not doing what they thought it should be doing.  Prior to accepting the patients we have them fill out a load of intake forms and request a copy of their pre-treatment labs from the other clinic.  Upon receipt and review of the pre-treatment labs, each of the men had had a pattern suggestive of TBI. When questioned about any prior injuries that might have included head trauma, each had a story to tell that was significant. Mr. CC, was involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) that caused him to fly (without a seat belt) head first into the windshield. It cracked and he was unconscious at age 18. Now at age 38, he is suffering from a number of symptoms that were specifically called Low T Syndrome. Upon performing our Panel 1 - TBI Assessment Panel, we found  three of the cardinal 4 hormones insufficient or deficient. The other clinic mandated weekly appointments to get an excessive injection of Testosterone Cypionate (300mg) along with Anastrozole used to block the conversion of excessive testosterone to estradiol.  Mr. CC was instructed on sterile self injection and we stepwise reduced his dose from 300mg a week to 80mg a week and stopped the Anastrozole.  In addition, we started correction of the other 2 hormones that were missed or omitted in his work up.  Point here - A quick fix is never the long-term solution.  

No need for Anastrozole!

2:  Aromatase inhibitors like Anastrozole can cause significant damage to the production of hormones.  In the 20+ years that we have been providing comprehensive hormonal replacement therapy we have never used Aromatase inhibitors. This is for two reasons, (1) Dosing of Testosterone is at physiological levels, and (2) Zinc is a natural aromatase inhibitor and also has over 300 functions in the body (anti-cancer(P53), anti-viral, and anti-Alzheimer's). The argument that I get from the Steroid Doctors is that 200mg and 300mg are what is needed for a good response. I agree if you are treating bodybuilders, but we are treating more than that. In the 10 years that the Millennium Health Centers has provided assessment and treatment for TBI, we have had our best responses between 60 and 80mg a week of supplementation.  In three articles looking at the daily production of testosterone in healthy young males, 28mg-70mg was the weekly total. So the question is why use more at the start? Why not start at the physiological production level and then go up if indicated?

Don't forget the supportive hormones!

3:  The benefits of both DHEA/DHEA-s and Pregnenolone/Pregnenolone-s on brain functioning has been missed in those treating the Low Testosterone Syndrome, regardless of the cause.  Whenever you use a hormone or drug that substitutes for a naturally made hormone or drug, the negative feedback loop shuts off the production of all the chemistry that creates it. In this instance, Cholesterol is converted to Pregnenolone which becomes DHEA/DHEA-s and Testosterone. Giving Testosterone will shut this pathway down causing, ultimately, the backing up of cholesterol and therefore, a rise in the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Additionally, Pregnenolone becomes progesterone, then cortisol which will all be shut down by the use of Testosterone.  So, when you are using testosterone it is imperative to also receive supplementation of both DHEA (25mg) and Pregnenolone(50mg) to avoid the side-effects of loosing the protective benefits of both DHEA-s and Pregnenolone-s.

Fatigue, the most common symptom in TBI!

4:  Three educational programs have already been delivered based upon the new book:  Traumatic Brain Injury - A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment. The approximate dates of the next program will be April 27, 2017 in Orlando Florida being sponsored by our partners at AMMG; supporters of our Veterans' Project.   This will be a full one-day program to expose the attendees to the landscape of information supporting the use of neurosteroids, neuroactive steroids, and anti-neuroinflammation products to regain the quality of life so many with TBI have lost.  Request enrollment in the program (¥).

Clomiphene Citrate AKA Clomid

5:  Since January 2014 we have been using Clomiphene citrate to increase the production of testosterone in Hypogonadal males less than 40 years of age. The safety and benefits have been a common question by many of our patients.  Our documented experience based upon laboratory testing shows us that Clomid works extremely well for over 98% of the patients. It is cost effective and easy to use. We have studies the best means of using Clomid and have found a pulsed dosing to work the best with the least amount of medication. Recently, we have started offering Clomid to all of our patients regardless of age (18 - 75). The results continue to show significant benefits without detriment.       

1. Clomid is Safe for long term management of Hypogonadism

2. Clomid for Hypogonadism and Erectile Dysfunction

The imaginary PTSD

6: In my opinion, PTSD is a continuum (anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition, to a different condition, without any abrupt changes) arising out of the sequala of Traumatic Brain Injury. Since 2004, I have evaluated over 1500 patients with a history of one or more injuries with or without direct injury to the head.  The majority of these individuals never saw stars or had loss of memory, but they did develop personality and behavioral changes within a varied amount of time; some many years later when the injury had been forgotten.  Many of these people were placed on a variety of medications to address the depression or anxiety, but no one looked at their neurosteroids.  Looking at the literature there are over 13,000 articles pertaining to Neurosteroids and Depression (¥), 11,000 articles and Anxiety (¥), and 2,380 articles and Suicide (¥).  The mainstay of treatment for PTSD is polypharmacy which further debilitates the individual. No wonder they would rather die than to survive.